j-net karaoke outing

This is kinda like a delayed entry. Last Saturday, the J-Net fashion show yukata groups had an outing. It was also like a farewell party for Aya and Akira who are going back to Japan after their one semester exchange here. Had dinner at Mandarin Wok, then proceeded to Star Karaoke at Savoy.

I think they updated the list! I found OLIVIA’s “A Little Pain”. :yay: Sang it with Denise. Yohei was like so high the whole night. :laugh: Aya’s voice is sooooooo sweet~~~ I told her that if my family is planning to stop by Kobe, I’ll visit her.

The session ended quite late. Ya, this is partly why my exams also (in all Koon Seng’s fashion) CUI. Instead of guai guai studying, go party until late late ar… :sweat: But really, it’s not their fault. My fault lahz

Speaking of OLIVIA, she’s releasing a mini album in February next year. Woohoo! Only thing is I’m kinda broke…whoops… 🙁

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