i’m voted for…

Last few days have gone by rather slow and lazily. Been catching up on anime watching. Oh oh! My Rozen Maiden manga has arrived! πŸ™‚

Last night was SSA’s gathering. Nothing really to highlight except we played games and had a round of ktv-ing. Talking about ktv, I really miss Cash Studio~~~ I miss the screaming of “1 2 3 4 5 6 7 IT’S BIG NEWS!!!” and Per covering her ears to the ending kiddy lalala part of “NEWSニッポン”. :laugh: Star Karaoke at Savoy has Japanese songs, but the Chinese song list is quite bleargh. Though I wouldn’t mind going there? Company, anyone?

Another random thing, I recently added the Superlatives application on Facebook. I was laughing at some things my friends voted me for.

“Most Likely To Get Lost Even with Clear Directions and a Navigation System” – voted by Per
But of course, Per, you know me TOO WELL. HAHAHA…

“Most Likely To Get Out of Trouble by Smiling” – voted by James
Shudduppppppppppp… James, you’re just jealous right? Haha…

“Most Likely To Be Best Friends Forever” – voted by Bestie
Of course! We’ve been best friends since Primary 5. *winks*

“Most Likely To Overdose on Sushi” – voted by 4 people
SO NOT TRUE! It would have been more correct to say I’ll overdose on Japanese food. Anyway, I’ll rather overdose on ramen.

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