the event and the list

After 3 days of little sleep, the event is finally over. I think the hardest part of the registration desk job was to keep awake while there is really nothing to do. I tried arranging the name tags, doodling on the note pad, testing the limit of my sight while checking out sponsor tables for freebies, talking to Cass, eating…I must say I really exhausted all possible ways of keeping myself occupied so that I would not fall asleep. All this was going on while Qing Xian was loading powerpoint presentations and happily surfing the net for haunted places in Singapore on Maru-chan in the ballroom. Argh…I really wanted to surf the net too~~~ My beloved Maru-chan~~~

I think the little sleep we got has taken its toll on Deary. He has fallen sick. Awwwwww… 🙁 From this event, I really saw how Deary is so serious about work. I think he really earned the respect and trust of his employer/ex-lecturer. I have much to learn and follow. I don’t know, maybe it’s a personal standard I set for myself. I don’t like to short-change my employer, so I want to make sure I do a perfect job. However, it seems like I always manage to screw up a little. *pokes self* I’m sure it also has something to do with my confidence problem. *sigh*

Work aside, I think I sort of have a clothes-buying list forming…mostly lolita stuff to match the pink sweet lolita dress I got from Body Line.

  1. White tights (preferably 80 denier)
  2. Frilly knee-high white socks
  3. Pink/White lolita bag
  4. White Mary-Jane lolita shoes
  5. White frilly long-sleeved blouse
  6. White frilly short-sleeved blouse
  7. Denim shorts
  8. Denim mini skirt

I discovered to my horror that there is a stitching error on the sleeve of my pink sweet lolita dress. I guess I will have to unpick a bit… Oh and the white long-sleeved blouse I got from Body Line, the lady kinda lied? It is a bit too big. *sigh*

Now that I have something of sweet lolita…I am thinking wa lolita next…

One thought on “the event and the list

  1. aiya i also mess up a little sometimes.. wat matters is overall good or better than others can alr.. it’s always been like that.. juz haf to be better than those around you..

    confidence.. juz be a little ‘arrogant’ and it’ll give you the courage to gargar lai.. haha.. juz like wat u did last semester la!

    dear says: The prob is you’ve been too good until nobody will believe you can mess up. What did I do last semester?

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