how to deal with disappointment

I thought I had it planned and settled all nicely. Contact the relevant person, secure a spot, and include that in my application. Things were going pretty well until I received bad news in the form of an sms. I was denied internship coz 3 weeks is just too short. Huge blow…but I’ll push my luck a little. Replied saying that I don’t mind a job shadow which means I won’t be paid. The reply I got was that it could have been explored, however, HR must be rather busy so in short…no. Just politely replied to end off the conversation.

Dazed. Blank. What am I going to do? You don’t know how much this would mean to me. What it would cost me. What am I going to use to prove myself? Is it my fault? Did I bring this upon myself? Should I have just gone ahead as planned instead of cutting the time to 3 weeks? But I was really tired… 🙁

Thank God, I was with Deary. He gave me hugs and the strength I needed to deal with the disappointment. As everyone knows, I recover quickly from such unhappy episodes. I’m fine now and have some little plans in mind. Hopefully they work out fine.

Looking on the brighter side, at least I get the time I want to fully relax.

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