fighting mushrooms and pigs

I know this sounds childish, but I’m back to playing MapleStory. After trying out too many Yahoo! game trials, I got fed up and went to reset my Asiasoft pin so I could play Audition and maybe Pangya. 10 minutes into playing Audition, I decided that I sucked at it and MapleStory is better. I play to kill my boredom and not coz I adore the game. I will probably get sick of it after some time and uninstall it.

In less than a month, I will be back in the States. I kinda dread studying like shit all over again just to get a good GPA. The worst part is it’s not like I have a choice coz if I don’t study like shit, my conscience will just nag me till I drop dead or something AND I will feel like nothing when I stand next to the rest…including deary. *psst* It’s not like I don’t feel like nothing already…

I contemplated telling you how I feel, but now I’ve decided to tell you. Only thing is, I’ll tell you on the 15th. No no…don’t worry, it’s nothing bad. Really…I swear.

One thought on “fighting mushrooms and pigs

  1. (I hope you don’t mind me just randomly dropping comments around XD)

    Maplestory is a good way for killing time but definitely not one for long playing time. I hate to mention how terrible the SEA community is. Probably brings your morale down to another level. lol.

    You’re like the majority of my friends. They claimed that they couldn’t differentiate between left and right so they quit playing Audition. Only problem with Audition is that, you can’t play by yourself. It’s designed in a way that you have to “socialize” with the other players (which I’m not so fond of).

    But erm, anyway, I’m just curious to know, how long is your semester break before you start the semester again?

    elisia says: Yea, I hate having to “socialize” with other players and letting them know I’m a noob. HAHAHA…

    Summer break is about 3 months.

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