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LJ is like the most fantastic place to search for sprees and stuff. Was checking out LJ for lolita group sites which might have online shops advertising. Well, I’m looking for a good bargain for a pair of white mary-janes to go with my sweet lolita outfit. I checked out the shop in Far East Plaza. They sell the shoes at SGD80+. I think I can get cheaper ones from this HK ebay seller. That’s where I got my (fake) rocking horse shoes from.

Anyway, I came across this LJ which gives a good writeup on the different lolita styles. So, next time I don’t have to try so hard to explain to people what are the different styles. It’s just cut and paste a website address. :laugh:

Click here to know more about lolita fashion.

2 thoughts on “lolita styles

  1. Yepz!!! Totally love erololi!!! But wouldnt dare to go out in full lolita style… Gonna take truckloads of confidence for that! haha… Will try when my friend would do with me.. LOL! Cool.. didn’t know about the other Loli styles.. always thought is has to be black… lol.. Love misa misa’s loli-inspired style.. and she’s kawaii!!

    elisia says: Haha, as my sis said “don’t care what people say, you want to wait until you’re old then regret?” Anytime you wanna try lolita fashion, let me know. I don’t mind accompanying you.

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