celebrating the nation’s birthday

Oh well, it was Singapore’s 43rd birthday about an hour ago. Happy 43rd! 🙂

Deary took me out to have dinner at Mushroom Pot and then go watch the fireworks. I think he didn’t really want to spend too much and was thinking of ordering one-pan-meals, but I sort of insisted on eating steamboat. :sweat: Well, he gave in to me. Thanks deary! :love: It was kinda a mushroom overload for him, but it was mushroom-y goodness for me!

I think this would be the first and last time we would watch the fireworks live on National Day. Too many people. Many roads closed and lots of re-direction of human traffic resulting in chaos. To make things worse, Bangladeshi workers squeezing in the crowd. These workers are really one kind. They WILL push their way no matter what…even when there’s a human jam and it’s almost impossible to move. They NEED to move in a group and their groups do not exist in small numbers mind you. They CANNOT and WILL NOT be seperated from each other even though they are all moving in the same direction. Wah lau…if it’s not Bangladeshi workers then it’s China workers. Not that I’m being racist or what, but it’s true.

Looking forward to 15th…*winks*

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