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I’m sick and tired of having to see childish and accusatory comments shot at people who don’t deserve it. If you haven’t participated in the spree before, this is something to learn. If you have, you will understand what I say here.

There are the usual spree communities around where random people open random sprees, the drawback is you don’t know who is a scammer or not. However, the good part is you only pay for what you order and the shipping cost is split, no other extra fees. Then, there are those who start independent spree sites. These often charge agent fees, but are more reliable, unless they are out to scam right from the beginning.

I found one such site. The owner is very reliable and reasonable. You can request almost any Taiwan Yahoo shop and she will almost always open a spree for it. Her fees are a little more expensive, but I would rather pay more for the assurance that I’ll get my stuff  than be scammed. Whatever she does is out in the open. She has numerous tagboards for comments and enquiries. Each spree has its status updated clearly; You know when she has sent the order to her agent, when the agent has gotten back to her etc.

Only thing is, her agent is rather slow at making the actual orders and by the time it is done, the item is probably out of stock. Thus, your order of say…10 items would probably end up with only 4 items available. People who do not bother to analyse the situation would just hurl accusations at her. I have seen her tagboard being attacked by unknown people.

Look. Nobody forced you to join the spree. If you had doubts on joining the spree or don’t even trust her services, DON’T join the damn spree. NO ONE is putting a gun to your head. If you join it, that signifies you agree to her terms and conditions and you are aware of the consequences you will have to bear in the event that anything goes wrong. Yes, you can comment the service was slow, but put it in a way where it is a constructive comment and not an accusation.

Like whatever manz. If you are so damn smart, go find your own agent to deliver your stuff in a blink of an eye. You think you’re the only one suffering? Everyone knows that joining a Taiwan spree can take up to a month or longer than that. So you can jolly well stop whining.

Ok, that last part sounded mean, but I just had to rant.

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