new queen of angst

Move over Avril Lavigne, coz Kerli Koiv is the new queen of angst. Oh well, I forgot that Avril Lavigne is no longer an angry lil’ teen. She’s now all pink and happy. Anyway, I was checking out Youtube for Kanon Wakeshima’s PVs when I happened to stumble upon Kerli’s MTV for “Walking On Air”. Some googling around and I found out that Kerli is Estonian and her album contains songs which were written when she was sad and depressed and songs which were written after that angry stage. So, back to Youtube and I found another one of her songs – an angsty one, titled “Love Is Dead”.

Anyway, the point is I think her MTVs have a certain kind of morbid creepiness. Just check out “Walking On Air”. It starts of rather cool with Kerli in what resembles ero-lolita outfits. Wooooo…I love her little black crown…and the doll. Then, the MTV ends off in a rather creepy way. I’m not telling how, you gotta watch the video for yourself.

One thought on “new queen of angst

  1. Lol, I was surfing randomly on when I came across your Blog, talk about a small Singapore! Anyways, looks like this is another Doll Gal, still I like Kanon Wakeshima better, her Cello fits her mysterious image so wel =P

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