stuck at kansas city

Right now, am at Kansas City airport. Hooray for free internet! Not all US airports offer free Wi-Fi. Listening to Ayu’s “Days”. I could put that song on repeat mode. I love the lyrics, especially certain lines.

Anyway, trying to get out of a VERY horrible start to my Winter break holiday. We were supposed to be in Seattle on 21st. The night before, we found out our flight at 8am was cancelled due to the weather. We decided to drive up to Chicago anyway and get the next flight out. Alaska airlines told us the next flight out would be on 23rd. Alright, no way were we going to take that. Managed to get another ticket with Southwest airlines to fly out from Midway airport instead of O’Hare. O’Hare is FAMOUS for cancelling flights anyway. The flight was at 5+pm, so mind you, we had already wasted almost one day in the airport.

No thanks to the weather, our flight at Midway airport kept getting delayed. Finally, they announced the Seattle airport was closed due to bad weather. They hadn’t expected that much snow to be dumped on them and they didn’t have the equipment to clear it on time. Our flight was via Kansas City, but it was obvious we would be stuck in Kansas City since Seattle airport was closed. Decided to go ahead anyway.

Reached Kansas City at night. Checked into a nearby hotel. Called Southwest airlines to check when we could fly out to Seattle. Next flight out, 23rd night. Yes, that’s why I’m here. Our flight is at 7pm. Hopefully nothing goes wrong and we finally get to Seattle. Apparently, it’s going to snow again tonight. ūüôĀ

So, how did we spend our time yesterday? With no car, we had to walk in the cold to nearby attractions which included the Harley Davidson factory and a doll museum. It was FUCKING cold. Don’t tell me 10-13 degrees Celsius is cold ok? These few days it has been in the MINUS¬†range of FAHRENHEIT. That’s WINTER in USA (Northern part) for you. Haha, and we’re still going to Alaska. Yes, as if winter in Urbana-Champaign isn’t cold enough. I wish the weather wasn’t THAT depressing. STUPID LOW PRESSURE SYSTEMS. :angry:

I got some cute earmuffs. Hello Kitty ones, though I wish¬†they were My Melody. It’s kid size, but WTH it fits my head. I found something¬†that looked ok on the Target website, but when I saw it at the store, it really didn’t¬†look as great¬†as the website picture. Found the Hello¬†Kitty ones so¬†got that instead.¬†It was bought last minute, so I’ll probably get something better later. Anyway, thank goodness I bought them. At least my ears don’t feel frozen anymore.

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