the ris low saga

Ok, I’ve been busy and the next thing I know, I have 4 comments on my previous entry waiting to be replied to. That means…my comments box is working fine now! Yay~~~ Thank you guys for your comments. That was the kind of comments I was looking for all along. I wanted to know how people felt, whether they had differing views and whether they were willing to share their differing views.

I shall reply to the comments via this entry.

After all the hype about Ris Low, the whole issue is starting to get a little stale. No doubt I’m still clicking on those news links regarding her in my Twitter feed, but I kind of think it’s time to move on.

I refer to this recent article about her. From this article, I can tell that she has learnt a lot. Despite the bad publicity, she has grown to face it and dealt with it in what I would say a “matured” way. I may have sounded like one of those unforgiving Singaporeans in my previous entry, but I think the most important thing is for people to learn from their mistakes and to strive to become a better person, otherwise, you don’t deserve other people’s understanding.

Perhaps as what Raynor commented, she is only 19 – one of those who hasn’t seen and come to understand the world yet. Maybe she thought a Miss Singapore World title was a glamorous affair and never thought about the other responsibilities that came with the title.

As for her poor English, if she were to brush up her skills, I don’t see why she shouldn’t be given another chance. I just feel that speaking good English is necessary for Singaporeans since we claim our first language to be English and our language of instruction is mainly in English. That should reply to Deanna’s comment. I would understand if she came from Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Japan, or any other non-English speaking country. However, she comes from Singapore, a country where its citizens are native speakers of English, there is no excuse for speaking poor English. We probably use the language everyday. Having said that, I’m not boasting that my English is perfect either.

PS: Fran, you can send me that project email.

One thought on “the ris low saga

  1. at least that’s the end of this saga, I hope! 😀

    anyway, I guess I am wandering peoples blogs
    because I realized–everyone kinda stopped
    blogging so I guess checking back is something
    I’m trying to do in an attempt to keep blogging
    (and getting comments to know that people ARE
    reading. HAHA!)

    p/s: sorry comment is not really entry-related :/

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