oh yes, i am a “great” cook

Let’s be honest here…

  1. This entry is for Nuffnang’s contest.
  2. Everyone knows I don’t have much cooking skills, so the entry can’t be about my favourite cooking experience.
  3. If you couldn’t get the hint from number 2, the entry is about my disastrous cooking experience.

This happened a long time back when all I knew how to cook was rice, omelette, instant mee, and canned food. There was some leftover spaghetti in the fridge, but no leftover sauce. I was to call Mum in the office to get instructions on how to prepare the sauce and that was what I did.

Thaw the meat out in hot water. Mix in some corn starch. Pour in the spaghetti sauce from the bottle. Add a little sesame oil for that extra fragrance. I never had the knack to know how much of something to add to make the food taste “just right.” I had to get really specific instructions. Like exactly how much water to thaw the meat out. Exactly how much of corn starch. Well, you get the idea.

So, all I remembered was everything that needed to be added in small amounts was one teaspoon. (Or so I thought.) Cooked everything as instructed. All was well until the last part, adding the sesame oil…

One teaspoon. That was how much I put in. After that, the whole sauce just smelled of sesame oil. Weird. Mind you, I couldn’t figure out what I did was wrong, but I ate whatever I cooked anyway.

That was when Sis came along and told me it was supposed to be…one drop of sesame oil. Wow, I’m such an idiot. :sweat:

Now that you’ve read my embarassing little story, go watch “Julie & Julia.”

One thought on “oh yes, i am a “great” cook

  1. a teaspoon of sesame oil wouldn’t make the whole
    thing smell of it. I mean, my mentality of a teaspoon
    would be about, 3 drops? would that really make
    the whole sauce smell sesame-ish? D:

    boss says: I don’t think a teaspoon of it is just 3 drops. The whole sauce just smelled of it. Serious. That’s why it should be just ONE drop.

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