watashi wa xx-san ni ijimeraremashita

We read a passage in Japanese class about bullying incidents in school. I came up with scenarios/reasons for bullying – mostly in the perspective of a girl.

Elementary school: Bullying cases would probably be the I beat, pinch, pull your hair kinda nonsense. Usually kids go crying to the teacher saying so-and-so bullied me. Milder cases would probably just end with a “I tell my mummy you bully me” or “I don’t friend you.”

Middle school (probably around upper primary/lower secondary): Girls would probably bully other girls out of jealousy? The I-just-can’t-stand-her-face issue.

High school: Girls bully other girls probably because that bitch stole my boyfriend.

College: Sensei said that bullying cases are rare since college students are considered adults and know better. Oh no, I think at this stage girls bully other girls because that slut slept with my boyfriend.

Anyway, since we were on the topic on bullying, Jayce told me that his EALC250 Professor told the class about a case where a 7-8 year old Japanese kid beheaded another kid and hung the head on the school gate. Okaaaayyy…that kid’s psycho. もっと怖い~~~

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