the bad and the not so bad

Stupid 拾って。You are the cause of my losing one mark for nothing. Of all things you had to be ひろって。Now, you are the cause of my misery. I want to bite and throw a hissy fit…because it’s my first JAPN204 exam and if it doesn’t go well in the beginning, it can only get worse. We are going to use the 中級日本語 textbook on Monday. We will have to memorize and act out short passages. There will be a shitload of kanji to remember. I don’t have good memory. Argh.

On a lighter note, Christina gave me one of those My Beauty Diary masks yesterday. 谢谢你! 我爱死你了! :woot: It was quite funny. I was going to ask her if she could help me buy some of those masks when she went back to Taiwan during summer. Turns out, she uses them. She had a few left and decided to give one to me. :heart: Will get her to buy more when she goes back to Taiwan. Yay yay yay~~~

It’s too expensive for me to join those Singapore sprees and have them send it to me in USA. And anyway, I wouldn’t be going home this summer so joining the spree would not be an option. Then I had the brilliant idea of asking one of my Taiwanese friends here.

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