the sudden realisation


The feeling. The horror that creeps up to you and washes all over you. I knew it. I knew it all along that it was a mistake. Even as we sat in those meetings then, a small part of me knew that it was all a mistake and those who unknowingly came forward to pitch their ideas had no idea what they were getting themselves into. They will literally wasting their time for something that would never have even happened in the first place.

No. That’s not what hit me suddenly. As I was reading my ADV450 book (yup, the one that makes me laugh), the chapter assigned for reading was about those monster-type clients you’ll meet in your advertising career lifetime…I was reading about that one type – the hack. The one who talks over and over about one great idea and shoves it down your throat.

It hit me. It happened didn’t it? The way I was made to go to him and he told me his fabulous idea. The idea that someone told me later that it was used as the first version and that was a long way back. The work that I was supposed to do, but didn’t happen in the end coz I couldn’t produce it…coz I just wasn’t good enough. Fast forward. It is now produced by someone else and they’re so proud of it. Sure. The thing is that I could produce that too. Ok, anyway that’s beside the point. The point is…the colour…the buttons. It resembles what he told me. So, it happened didn’t it? そうでしょう?でしょう?酷いね。。。

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