matchbox cars

That’s what the F1 cars remind me of when they are zooming down the track. We had narrowly missed the chance of going to the F1 race, but somehow fate decreed that we would watch our first F1 race (in style no less) this year. Yup, we got sky suite passes thanks to DBS.


Our trip to the sky suite started at the banks of the Singapore River at UOB Plaza where we boarded the private ferry and got ferried across while enjoying the sights and sounds (of the F1 cars) of the Singapore city nightscape. The excitement was definitely building up as we heard the cars zooming right across the bridge above us. The minute we reached the sky suite, we “burst” out onto the balcony to take in the F1 race experience. Boy, was it LOUD. No wonder they said earplugs were a must. After the third car zoomed past, we were scrambling indoors because our eardrums couldn’t take the noise anymore.


Entrance to sky suite

In the sky suite

Out on the balcony with the view of the pit and Singapore Flyer in the background

Dinner was served in the sky suite which we found the food standard only so-so. Frankly speaking, I think only the fish was good (besides the plate of truffles on the table). Oh well, food wasn’t exactly the top thing on our minds. After dinner and exploring the place a bit, we decided to move up to the open-air lounge only accesible to sky suite pass holders. There, we got a nice view of pit and track below. It was also there that we chose to watch the qualifying round that night. It wasn’t the actual race day, but hey, the passes were complimentary so I’m not complaining.

If you asked me how was the experience, I would say it was exhilarating. I thought I would get bored after awhile watching cars doing the same thing again and again, but I was surprised I didn’t feel that way. While some might prefer a different view of the track, I liked the view of the pit because I love watching the engineers and pit crew scrambling around to change the tires. Definitely a tough, high-stakes job.

Here’s a little tidbit to end of the post. It’s Ferrari’s Alonso going round the track.

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