30 day song challenge day 06: song that reminds you of somewhere

Day 06 — A song that reminds you of somewhere

The NSAC song! Yes, that was our theme song. NSAC 2011 was the one and only NSAC I took part in. All the hours that we put in, even if we didn’t conquer the regionals, we placed at a good fourth place. Until now I can still remember the nights we spent at Greg Hall. Even if we disagreed with one another’s working styles, I could see the determination in our eyes on the day of the regionals presentation. The tension was in the air, we felt the same nervous feeling. At that moment, we were one. It was awesome.

Now, everytime I hear this song, my mind goes back to those days. It has become a song that tells me not to give up — that no matter what, the show goes on tonight…

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