kirei sakura

I know Starbucks has been releasing their popular Sakura goods for quite a few years now, but newbie Starbucks fan here has got to make a post now.

The goods are so cute…and pink! My favourite colour! Here are some of the goods I like. *big hint*

I like the two pink hot water tumblers behind. I can’t decide which I like better…maybe the one with the flip top cap on the far right?

Then there’s the regular Starbucks mug on the left with the special Sakura print. 超きれい!

And this! I got the Christmas version of this during our office gift exchange, but it was the smaller one. I really wanted the larger one and now they have it with the Sakura print!

Of course, kaypoh me had to go check out what Japan and Korea Starbucks were offering for their Sakura goods.


Japan Starbucks didn’t really have nicer ones but they have this…

A set of glasses, one’s clear and the other’s frosted. The clear one has print that turns pink when cold liquid is poured into the glass. So cute!

And they have a special drink — Sakura Chocolate! Ah…now I really miss having Sakura-flavoured soft cream in Japan…

Korea Starbucks had quite a few cute pink Sakura print mugs too, but they have since taken down some of the pictures from their website. Guess those are sold out already.

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