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This is another one of those posts where I make comments to something shared on Facebook.

17 Things You Suddenly Start Doing When You Get an Office Job

My Comments:
#1: YES! Lunch was the most sacred time where we could all stop thinking about work and actually socialise. Our lunches ended at 2pm no matter what time they started, never changed. But the lunch bell rang later and later, from 12pm to 12.30pm and finally the ultimate 1pm.
#2: YES! I never felt so deprived of sleep during school days. Waking up at 6.15am and ending work at 7pm or later (with no naps in between) every day is no joke.
#3: Yea, I always signed off with ‘thank you’ in my emails until one day I stopped to think whether I really needed to thank people or not.
#4: Haha, it doesn’t matter whether I’m at home or in office. I have at least five tabs open. 60 is just overkill. At home, the permanently open tabs are Gmail and Facebook. I kid you not. I think this is about the only multitasking I can do.
#5: Yup. When I’m stressed and snacks are within reach, I WILL SNACK. I know it’s bad, but I can’t help it. I need to make myself feel better.
#6: I get locked in vicious breakfast cycles instead. Three for a dollar nuggets are way better than facing work.
#7: Please, hell no. I don’t want to be caught in this. The use of acronyms at work is INSANE. The engineers use them a lot for technical stuff and I’m like “WHAT???”
#8: I treat my co-workers like friends. What are you talking about?
#9: Didn’t happen to me.
#10: *sigh* Yes, I cannot switch off if something’s bothering me and it’s work-related.
#11: This doesn’t just apply to the office. If it’s free food, it’s good.
#12: It’s the saddest thing that can happen to someone and yes, it happened to me before. Thank God for wonderful colleagues. They bought me my favourite hazelnut latte from Starbucks to cheer me up.
#13: Nope, didn’t happen, but we did have a growing playlist specially for the department. Our theme song? “Titanium” by David Guetta. Not hard to figure out why. My theme song was “Carcrashes” by Standfast.
#14: Didn’t happen to me.
#15: Wished it did happen.
#16: Omg…yes. It became like an after-school party…in the office. WTH.
#17: Didn’t happen to me.

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