hey, how about a meet up?

Inspired to write this entry rant after I saw a friend’s post on Facebook about a guy who met up with all his Facebook friends and took a photo of each meet up…or so I think. (I admit that I didn’t read the article. Was judging by the title of the article.)

Talk about friends and meet ups. I wonder if all my friends would turn up if I asked them out. I seriously doubt it. I’ve seen people come and go. I’ve even given up on some of them. I’m resigned to the fact that some people are just meant to be acquaintances.

I do not mind that people occasionally say hello or want to catch up, but I really hate it when people approach me out of the blue to:

  • Ask of me a favour and then proceed to ignore me after getting an answer.
  • Talk to me because they are bored…then proceed to ignore me until the next time they can’t find someone else to talk to.

I do only frequently chat with a couple of people, which makes it all the more obvious when such people of the above scenarios approach me.

To prove my point, here are two scenarios that happened to me:

Scenario #1
This happened quite a long time ago when I still using MSN (an IM tool). I’m not using the exact words as I don’t really remember but it went something like this.

S: Hello.
Me: Hello. Yes, what do you want?
S: Why?
Me: You’re bored right? People who suddenly talk to me are either very bored or they want something from me.
S: Wah…don’t say until like that leh.

(I was obviously spot on in my guess.)

Scenario #2
This happened pretty recently on Facebook Messenger.

B: Hi. Do you know anyone from XX company? I am thinking of doing this event which requires approval for use of the XX venue.

(My parents used to work at XX company.)

Me: Meh…can ask my mum but my parents have retired from XX company for some time so not sure they can help. Do you have any contact from XX company?

(Conversation continues on for some time…)

B: I still remember the last time we met at XX venue.
Me: Haha…we should meet up…again.
B: Sure.

(Conversation continues on for some time…)

Me: Let me know when you’re free for lunch or dinner ok?

A few days later, I text B.

Me: 大老板,几时有空吃饭?(Big boss, when are you free to have a meal?)
B: Hi. Sorry…I’m not well these few days.
Me: Orh. Take care!

About a month later I text B again…

Me: 老板,when wanna meet up?


I’m not saying that people should not approach me at all even after we haven’t talked in a long while or that people cannot ask me for help, but please do things with sincerity. I’m fully aware that I’m an introvert and am not the most sociable person to begin with. However, that does not mean that I don’t enjoy catching up with folks. If you really mean to catch up with me, then do so with sincerity and not leave me hanging high and dry until the next time you need my help.

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