lost comment

My blog was down for a while due to the webhosting company having some server issues. Didn’t expect to get a rude shock this morning when I discovered I lost two of my latest entries including one with a comment. Thank God I managed to retrieve the two entries from Google’s cache, but I’m sad to say that I lost that comment. 🙁

Sorry Nancy!

One thought on “lost comment

  1. Oh no! There are always those accidents that makes the server go down :(. That happened to me two times a few years ago; but at least you got your post back!

    As for the comment; I usually save my comment so here it is (in case you haven’t read it)

    “I don’t like One Direction too, :o! Their style doesn’t really go with my taste annnd I guess it’s that /boyband/ part that doesn’t catch my attention either. Even I don’t like JB and a couple of his songs could catch to me. Safe to say, I’m glad 1D’s songs are off the radio now.”

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