What If I Were…

Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

Alice in “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll

Oh yes, I’m having breakfast now and pondering over some (rather superficial) questions.

Before I get to what impossible thing I thought of, let me backtrack a bit. So here’s the thing, I’ve been watching lot of Chinese dramas lately and I noticed that actors and actresses dress a lot in branded clothing even when they are off work. Granted they have signed contracts to endorse certain high fashion brands and maybe it is part of the contract to be seen wearing the brand, but do they ever wear like cheap stuff from Taobao anymore?

I understand that quality might differ a great deal, but what if all else equal?

Wearing branded goods can be as of a status symbol. You know like “Urgh, I’m a well-known celebrity, can’t be caught wearing cheap ass stuff.” Probably true for some, if not all?

Hubby once said that it is a psychological thing. Once you start on branded goods, there is no way you would want to “downgrade” to cheaper stuff. Hmmm…so it is a mindset thing. Kinda bullshit coz I’ve carried slightly branded bags before and I’m still buying stuff off Taobao. But I guess the margin is much smaller in my case as compared to say LV vs. Taobao. I mean if you are seen in high fashion all the time, would you dare be caught in Taobao stuff?

Holding on to that last thought, if I were a celebrity, how would I think? I might just go with high fashion all the time out of familiarity of the brand. Although a small part of me still wants to say yea, it’s bullshit. I wear what I like and what I want. If Taobao stuff looks good, then why not?

Now, here’s the impossible thing I thought of. What if my partner were a celebrity but I am just an ordinary citizen who is not in the entertainment scene? Would I need to be seen in high fashion too to “match” my partner? Can I ever walk out again in my tee, shorts and flip flops coz that is just who I am? Am I going to lose myself and my identity for the sake of my partner? (Ok, I suddenly thought of lolita fashion and the big what if I am forced to leave that behind. Nooooo…lolita fashion is a part of me. 😭)

Ok, breakfast time is over. Back to reality, girl.

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