YOLO = You Only Live Once

After almost 9 months of not stepping into the hairdresser’s, I finally had my hair cut today! Got it rebonded too so no more weird curls and kinks. Also got my favourite bangs.

Last pic before I cut my hair
Yay to haircut!

Nothing too YOLO about it but I have been secretly dreaming of pink ombre hair. No guts to act upon it yet. The bleaching part is making me think twice. My hair gets really dry and frizzy so I don’t want to regret bleaching it.

The more YOLO part is…*drumroll* I have been thinking about getting a tattoo. Shocking right? Elisia getting a tattoo. Who would have thought such words would come out of my mouth. Yea, I don’t want it to be some image. More inspired by Holly Jean’s tattoo of her girl’s name. At first, I thought of doing one with my girls’ names. But then I thought about it and decided a quote in a nice cursive font might be better. “This is who I am…” Words that I live by.

Just a thought. Not acting on it yet coz I know the hubby might go nuts.


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