Men and Scams

Scams a plenty on Instagram. Stolen pics of handsome men. Some seemingly rich and flaunting their wealth with pics of fine cuisine, flashy sports/luxury cars, luxury goods, the list goes on.

All I wanna say is…

OEI. You think all girls are gold diggers meh? You think I have never eaten before what you’ve eaten meh? Please lah. Don’t make me roll my eyes.

The promise of a luxurious lifestyle is attractive to some but hey, I think I much prefer going on dates to the aquarium or a library with interesting decor. Also, self-made gifts and the occasional flowers are much more appreciated coz they contain the giver’s thoughts and love.

If you think money and luxury is what a girl wants then hmmm…you gotta think again. Gonna quote a friend here. What a girl wants is to simply eat and not get fat. TRUE STORY. Nowadays, even I breathe air also can get fat. How leh?!

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