Do You Sometimes Wish

Another one of those impossible things I thought of this morning.

Actually this was something I came across last night but started to think about it this morning. So I was happily scrolling through IG and came across this pic of Yang Yang walking through possibly the airport. Could see fans taking pics of him in the background.

I suppose when you’re a celebrity, you kinda get used to the attention and after a while, you kinda know how to block out all the noise. But I wonder do these celebrities ever (if even for just one second) wish that they could live life like a normal person without all the attention? Does it get tiring that you’re always under the scrutiny of someone? Like someone is always gonna judge you?

Perhaps my questions are taboo coz this is part and parcel of celebrity life and even if you secretly wish for life without the attention, you can’t say it out. Someone will get hurt or angry if you do coz THIS IS part of celebrity life. You don’t get to choose.

I just can’t imagine myself doing this. I think it will be a big inner struggle for me. Coz then I can’t be my true self. I will always have to keep some thoughts to myself. Even if I don’t like something, I have to just pretend I am fine with it. Remember I said I live by the words “This is who I am…” I can’t suppress feelings for too long. It becomes an inner struggle and it makes me feel like I’m losing myself. Which is why I also write…and blog it out.

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