But He is Only Human

I guess this is a part two to the previous post.

So I saw more pics of Yang Yang at (an airport?) Starbucks getting a drink. Again with lots of fans holding up their camera phones to click away. This weird irritated feeling bubbled inside me. “Can the poor guy just get a coffee without all the scrutiny and attention?”

I know that when I was younger, I had my time of star chasing. The days of queuing for hours. Almost joined some other crazy fans to chase stars around in a taxi. (My mum would have disapproved so I didn’t.) But the fact is, I had condoned such behaviour, so who am I now to judge? Perhaps these fans are just living out their teenage youth.

Somewhere along those years, I stopped doing all this coz I decided that beauty sleep is more important. Family members are more important. (I gave up catching a glimpse of Arashi when they came to Singapore.) Maybe I finally understood, even if just a little, what my grandpa meant when he said “What’s so special about them? They are also human right?”

I also start to see things from another perspective. What if all the camera phones were pointed at me? What if they were all IN. MY. FACE? How would I feel? Honestly, I would feel annoyed. Can’t I just go about my life doing normal things like other people do…without all the attention? I’ve had people stare at me when I’m in lolita. Also had people try to take pictures of me. I’ve learnt to ignore but really that is only a FEW people. There are times I feel a bit weird like please don’t treat me like I’m some animal/exhibit in the zoo, but I’ve also learnt to brush these feelings away. (Sidenote: I prefer people asking if they can take my photo. Like just ask, I don’t bite. I usually will oblige if people ask me nicely. Taking photos without my permission is just rude.)

But, this (Yang Yang’s situation) is way above my level. If I had a question I wanted to ask Yang Yang or just any celebrity, it would be “How do you even tahan this (level of attention)?” Everywhere he walks, it’s all these camera phones.

I understand that perhaps these celebrities condone it coz they feel that it’s a harmless thing fans are doing. This is just something fans do and all this is part of celebrity life. Perhaps celebrities also feel that it is somewhat fan service? After all, it is through fan support that I am where I am today. And on a separate note, this is perhaps part of the Chinese (PRC) culture? (Not allowed for sure in Japan coz some Singaporean fans were scolded by Viyuden’s manager years ago when they tried tailing the van.)

I also understand that with all these fans clicking away, other fans like me get fed with photos of our glorious star. HAHAHA…such irony right? Though honestly, I can still live my life pretty well without these photos. So thank you very much.

But he is only human. I guess he should be entitled to the basic courtesy of privacy and normalcy right? Like dude CAN get a coffee minus the attention. *shrugs*

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