Unpopular Opinion

So…I’m back with some unpopular opinion. Yup, here’s my opinion that no one asked for.

I was just googling drama stuff yesterday when I stumbled upon the big news of Deng Lun evading taxes and getting cancelled. I *guess* evading taxes is a serious crime but seems like what follows is cancel culture in China. Especially if you’re in showbiz. He’s definitely not the first to get cancelled for his misdeeds but I’m like…erm…do we really need to do this? It’s not just brands dropping him as ambassador. I honestly get that bit. I mean, which brand would want someone “tainted” or “criminal” to be the face of their brand right? A brand stands for certain qualities, so someone with a bad record probably wouldn’t embody those qualities. But really? Blocking his social media accounts? I don’t get this one.

Then there’s all the hate messages. Well, I know haters gonna hate and some people just NEED to be keyboard warriors or trolls. But gosh, do you REALLY have to tear someone to shreds with your words? Does it enrich your life to hurt someone with mean words? Someone that you don’t even personally know. I feel like this is the dark side of humanity. If there’s anything to be afraid of in this world, humans are the scariest. These are the people that make you lose faith in humanity.

I don’t know…but maybe this whole evading taxes thing is a common thing, just what degree of severity and when you get caught. It’s like finding loopholes in the rules to get around them. I’m not saying that evading taxes is the right thing to do or waving his deed off as nothing serious. Just that perhaps everyone does it in some way and maybe he got a bit too greedy this time and oops…got caught.

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