qi lolita

Someone posted this on the EGL community asking where she can buy this.

I’ve gotta say, this is the best example of Qi Lolita I’ve seen so far. Something I’ll be VERY happy to wear for Chinese New Year (minus the bun thingies). I’ll rather wear bows in my hair.

fruits parlor

I never knew Bodyline made replicas of brand lolita dresses until I happened to stumble on someone’s blog. I saw AP’s Heart Pocket JSK in Kera before and was like “oh, Bodyline has something similar,” but it never occurred to me that they were actually copying AP’s designs.

And, they have done it again. This time, it’s AP’s Fruits Parlor OP. Some girls have been raving that the replica looks ugly compared to the real deal, so I have been madly searching for a photo of the real dress to see what’s the difference.

This is Bodyline’s replica…

I found a photo of the real Fruits Parlor OP, but it’s someone’s photo so I didn’t want to steal it. Anyway, the difference is that the real deal has a little apron in the front and the bodice is not laced up with ribbon like the replica. The real headbow has AP’s heart logo on it, the replica has a crown logo. Seriously speaking, I don’t find anything wrong with the replica; it’s not hideous or anything to me. I guess “real” lolitas look down on fakes. I do agree that owning lolita brand dresses makes one feel like a true lolita, but those dresses are just to expensive for some people to own. So, they have to turn to replicas.

The replica comes in black, red, light pink, and dark pink. I certainly wouldn’t mind buying one now if I were in Japan. I only hope they do a better job on the headbow coz one of the Bodyline JSK’s headbow I own, gives me a headache when I put it on. The hairband part is not properly shaped, sits weirdly on my head, is freakin’ tight, and presses on the sides of my head until I feel pain. I have good mind to rip out the bow and stick it on a normal black hairband. I’m wearing it in the photo below. That’s Erica and we were part of J-Net’s Fashion Show which explains her in yukata and me in the lolita outfit.

Waiting for AP’s lucky pack. Innocent World has released theirs, but it’s HORRIBLY expensive and I don’t really fancy anything from there. BTSSB has just released a shoe lucky pack, but I’m not too interested. I didn’t blog about getting the Meta’s lucky pack. The lucky pack was going at 10000 yen. In it was supposed to be stuff worth 30000 yen. This was what I got.

I wasn’t too sure I liked the outfit, but after some consideration, I think I might keep it. Some commented that at least Meta’s lucky pack this year was better than before. Apparently, sometimes they give stuff that don’t match. I was only too happy about the cherry emblem headdress coz I was considering on getting it.

Meta’s winter sale is starting soon, but I might not be getting anything.

cosplay and lolita

I think I’m just…old. Parties are just not for me. Hmmm…or maybe it depends on the company. SSA had their Halloween party last night at Yongji’s one-bedroom apartment. I have to stress that it was a one-bedroom apartment coz the number of people in there was…IMPOSSIBLE. While everyone was so freakin’ high, KS and I were just relaxing at one corner on the sofa. I sort of vowed to take more photos this time round since I was in a full proper lolita dress, but I just couldn’t bring myself to have that mood. It started out pretty ok, but then later, half the time I was trying hard not to get my toes being stepped on. Worse, some bugger started emptying the jack-o-lantern buckets filled with candy and throwing the candy. At that point, I totally wasn’t enjoying myself. Besides, most of the drinks there were alcohol. KS had to help himself with a can of 7-Up in the fridge. I don’t think anyone was really drunk at that point, but most of them were high, crazed, and were pretty much acting drunk and TOTALLY ANNOYING. :angry:

It’s not like I can’t get high. I have had some really fun moments with 7ners where we do crazy things together and get all high. They drink too, but the difference is they DON’T act drunk and stupid. Anyway, that’s not the point of the entry. So much for thinking I could get a pretty decent shot of myself in my lolita outfit and possibly send it to the USA version of Gothic & Lolita Bible. I think the best costumes at the party were Lin Yan’s and Zhan Fan’s. Lin Yan cosplayed as Evil Alice, though I think the dress was not totally correct? Evil Alice has puffy sleeves to her dress. Zhan Fan got a Ghostbuster’s suit complete with an inflatable backpack-machine-thing. So cute! If I ever tried cosplay, I would want to cosplay Evil Alice or Shinku (Rozen Maiden). Maybe Suigintou (Rozen Maiden) wouldn’t be a bad idea too. But, like I told Shine, it’s no point cosplaying if you don’t really sew/make your own costumes.

Anyway, earlier in the day, I wore my lolita outfit to class. Ki-san wore hers – she was a hot librarian. She told me she saw this row of guys as Spongebob Squarepants in one of her classes and they were taking their notes with crayon on paper. Hilarious!

I wonder if the helicopter flying around last night was meant as surveillance? Campus Police got alerted when someone found a note in the toilet saying that he (person who wrote the note) had damaged someone’s car window in Savoy and would shoot someone on Green Street on Halloween. In sensei’s words “I am not going to Green Street. I want to see November.” I guess most people would have stayed away from that area.

Last but not least, a photo of myself in my lolita outfit. Not the best shot, but at least it’s something. (I think I look fat. Ok, I AM fat.) Photo credit: Peiyi

a little update for now

Wah lau…class is cancelled for today. o_O And I stayed up to read 3 chapters of “Tales of The Heike” just to be prepared for class. Ok, what am I talking, I should be prepared for class. If you think it’s some boring history shit, it’s not. It’s mildly entertaining, reading about monks gone bad, people who spontaneously combust because of bad karma, and a whole lot of decapitating. Haha, that was just my humourous interpretation of the text. It’s really about Japanese history – the Genji and Heike. Now, I just wonder why they keep preaching about Buddha and attaining enlightenment when the next moment they are at war and chopping of people’s heads. How is following the Way? It’s so funny when you read about someone (who has taken the tonsure) killing an enemy and then he goes back in, changes out of his bloodied gear and into a clean white monk’s robe. Like HUH?

I got back my Econs mid-term. Hahaha, I got 95/100. I think my TA is a easy grader coz I really feel I don’t deserve that high a grade. The most dulan part is that I lost 5 marks coz I made a calculation error. I forgot that the income multiplier is 1/1-MPC. I already had the MPC calculated in the first part of the question and I happily copied that as the income multiplier for the part where I had to calculate government spending during inflation. So…*kwa kwa kwa* wrong. I KNEW HOW TO DO THAT QUESTION OK. As in, I knew the formula for calculating government expenditure, just that I plugged in the wrong value.

I only hope my second Japanese exam would get full marks. I found the paper easier than the first. Less writing to do. Anyway, I have been sort of whining to sensei that Japanese is difficult. Just coz I went to one Japanese Table session and almost everyone was from the intermediate-advance classes and they could speak Japanese fluently. The biggest problem is I actually understand most of the conversation between a student and Sadler-sensei. Just that I can’t reply in Japanese. 🙁

I went to my first barcrawl (despite, having my Japanese exam the next day). Ok, I didn’t actually stay for the whole barcrawl. I left after Geovanti’s. And I made friends with the Japanese exchange students this semester. Note: Xuefang is a fellow Singaporean. Yohei is the president of J-Net. The rest are the exchange students. The barcrawl tee is obviously huge for me. The printing company made a mistake with the sizes so everyone had to upgrade a size. So for me, it was S to M. S is already a little big for me, what more M. Do note that I was freezing in the photo. I took off my pullover in Geovanti’s coz it was freakingly hot. Then when we left, I was too lazy to put it on again since we would be going to some place warm again. Only thing was that I decided to leave after the queue outside Legends was pretty long.

Have been obsessing over Lolita stuff lately. I discovered the fantastic use of the Google reader. So now I keep track of lolita livejournal communities there. I bought my first lolita brand dress from Metamorphose. It was on sale, so paid about USD90 only. Normally, brand dresses are about USD200-300. I also bought a second-hand Angelic Pretty dress + headdress from someone on the EGL sales community.

More for later…

tempting me

Argh! I can’t understand why Metamorphose has to tempt me with their sale section when everything under that section has a big fat ‘SOLD OUT’ next to it. Like give me some hope yea? 9000+ yen for a jumper skirt or one-piece is cheap considering it’s from a famous lolita brand.