KOKOkim kurage hime no yuutsu

I have a whole list of other (overdued) stuff to blog about but I just have to blog about this. XD

Model Kimura Yuu is hailed the queen of fairy kei and she has her own line of clothing called KOKOkim. Fairy kei has existed as a genre of Japanese fashion for some time now but I never quite felt a connection to it. I love pastel colours but I could never see myself wearing poofy petticoats, cutesy sneakers and casual tees with somewhat loud prints. A little ironic isn’t it since I am into lolita fashion which has poofy panniers.

Well, that was how I thought about fairy kei until now. Over some time, fairy kei has slowly seeped into lolita fashion and the line between the two genres have sort of blurred. There are now fairy kei pieces that can be accepted as sweet lolita pieces albeit a little more casual in style.

What caught my eye was this particular KOKOkim piece. I follow Yuu’s LINE account where she posts updates frequently. She posted this picture of herself wearing a gorgeous dress back in mid-July. I knew for sure that it was from her clothing line, but could not find the print on sale on the website.

(Yes, like I said before, I’ve recently come to love and been scouting for high-waist dresses since I got pregnant.)

Just this month, it was finally announced for sale on the website! The print is called ~人魚姫の憂鬱~ (~Kurage Hime no Yuutsu~) which means ‘the melancholic jellyfish princess’. The dress comes in three colourways: pink, blue and white. I decided that I preferred the OP over the JSK. Although the print is a lot more obvious on the blue colourway, I felt I preferred the pink colourway a little more.

Photo credit: KOKOkim

I also caught sight of a pair of tights on the website that would go very well with the OP.

Photo credit: KOKOkim

Oh, but the prices are way too high! I mean, what do you expect? This is buraando. T_T

After so many days of stalking the website, the M size pink OP is finally sold out. Just as well. I cannot see myself forking out ~$300 for the dress. I have tons of buraando lolita pieces in my wardrobe, some of which are rare pieces which I forked out an arm and a leg for, but this…my feel for this dress is just ok. Not really something I would die to have. And so, I have to let it go…

(I’m quite sure I can find similar tights on Taobao at a fraction of the cost. Just need to scout around more.)

angelic pretty special sets

Just joined another lolita Facebook group which provides updates on new releases. Couldn’t help noticing that AP seems to be releasing a few special sets at their Tokyo outlet as announced on their blog. Not sure what’s the occasion but oh well.

Photo credit: Angelic Pretty blog

Photo credit: Angelic Pretty blog

Photo credit: Angelic Pretty blog

Photo credit: Angelic Pretty blog

Photo credit: Angelic Pretty blog

Photo credit: Angelic Pretty blog

Dresses released in special sets are usually simpler than the original releases. I must say that the prints are nice but nothing really caught my eye. Out of all, the Dramatic Rose special set seems the nicest, but I find it a bit too flowery for me. I was pretty excited about the Dreamy Planetarium print but not so for the JSK in the special set. Much prefer the original OP, especially the navy blue with coloured prints version.

Photo credit: Angelic Pretty

The lavender version of the OP isn’t too bad too.

Photo credit: Angelic Pretty

I’m not too big a fan of cutsews but I must say, the cutsew in this series looks pretty good. Especially the navy blue version. (The difference between cutsews and blouses are that the former is usually made of cotton material and worn like a t-shirt, whereas the latter is more of a button down shirt.)

Photo credit: Angelic Pretty

But of course, the pretty items get sold out the fastest. The OP is already sold out.

PS: Ever since I got pregnant, I’ve been looking a lot at high-waisted lolita dresses. Haha.

rekindled love for lolita

Ever since I graduated from college, I’ve not touched my lolita dresses. I don’t really have space for all of them so the hubby is saying I should sell most of them. But…it’s hard to part with some of these dresses. Some of them are rare sought-after prints which I went through a lot to get my hands on them. So even if I haven’t exactly worn them, they are like a collection, a precious lot.

I always dreamt of taking part in tea parties and lolita photoshoots while in college, but Chicago was not that nearby and by the time I came home, Black Alice had closed down. Coupled with work and the adjustment to married life, my lolita dreams just floated away.

But hey! I’ve recently found a new community. The Singapore lolitas have banded together to form a community on Facebook. Talking about lolita stuff again, I feel like my lolita love has come to life again. <3

And before I know it, I’ve ordered a new dress with a Little Prince theme from Taobao.

Photo credit: Thinkfly

I’ve always been a little wary of offbrand dresses due to their quality. No decent lolita wants to be branded as an “ita-loli” (meaning you look all wrong and bad). Many lolitas back then used to scoff at offbrand dresses with bad scratchy lace and short skirts, and would rather stick to the safe mainstream brands. But burando costs a lot more and lolita fashion ends up being this really expensive hobby.

Thank goodness, the times have changed and the offbrand dresses are getting more decent in quality and style. It started out with a few brands like Infanta and KidsYoYo, but now there are surprisingly a lot more offbrand brands out there. What’s comforting to know is that lolitas have also become more accepting towards offbrand dresses.

Although I’ve always been a sucker for JSKs (jumper skirts), I chose to get the OP (one piece) version of the dress simply because…DARN, I have too many JSKs already. And with this kind of hot weather in Singapore, short sleeves are the way to go yo. This is also my first time venturing into the realms of high-waisted dresses. Always thought high-waisted dresses make one look pregnant. Uh…but I AM PREGNANT now and I need more room around the waist to accommodate the growing belly. High-waisted dresses have also always been a mystery to me. Does one wear a normal pannier for the poof? Or do you wear an A-line pannier? Thankfully with the new community, my question got answered. A normal pannier is fine too.

Can’t wait for the dress to arrive. I better make it a point to wear it then. Haha.

Also, better start thinking of how to shrink down the current lolita collection before the hubby goes on and on about them again. Heh.

wonder party

I get regular updates from YouTube for my subscribed channels and the AKB48 channel is one of them. I got excited when I saw the new video with Mayuyu (Watanabe Mayu) and Paruru (Shimazaki Haruka) as they were wearing lolita outfits. They wore it for the song 「初恋の鍵」 (Hatsukoi no Kagi) under the Team Surprise unit. Team Surprise is a one-shot unit created for a pachinko campaign.

It’s not the first time that an AKB48 member wears a lolita outfit since Sato Sumire models for Angelic Pretty, but I still get excited no matter what. What’s more exciting is the outfits they are wearing: Angelic Pretty’s Wonder Party halter JSK. The Wonder Party print is a highly sought after print which was re-released due to its popularity.

The CM and making of 初恋の鍵:

AP goodness

Angelic Pretty goodness!

They are releasing AP Pullip, Dal, and Byul dolls. I never really like Dal or Byul coz the dolls have this weird scrunched up face, but the mini Wonder Party and Toy Parade dresses on them look too cute. I wish the Pullip was wearing a cute print dress like Yumemiru Macaron. Not that the Pullip’s dress is not nice…it’s AP for God’s sake. I’m biased when it comes to AP’s lolita clothing line simply coz their prints are nice and their dresses tend to be a little smaller which fits me perfectly.

AP is also releasing their Sweet Jam series in yukata form! I think the yellow version which Maki is wearing, looks really nice!

When the Cherry Berry Bunny series was released, I was eyeing the yellow JSK. Now, the more I look at it, it doesn’t seem to bring that much excitement anymore. But I definitely still hope to own the yellow Yumemiru Macaron JSK. 🙂

fashion, lolita, culture

So, I had a presentation on fashion and clothing for MS320: Popular Culture class which partly featured lolita fashion. For that, I wore a BTSSB Pink JSK. The first thing friends asked was what was the occasion. Do I need a reason to dress lolita? I mean, I’ve built up a wardrobe of lolita dresses, isn’t it high time I wore them?

I was kind of worried this morning when I left home coz it started to drizzle. Might I remind everyone that umbrellas do not work here. The wind is too strong and more often than not, you’ll end up with an upturned brolly. I managed to get to class dry, but 10 minutes late.

It took me 3 hours before I realised why I was getting a blister on one foot and not the other. The buckle was adjusted tighter for that foot. :sweat:

I cannot imagine how those girls tahan wearing lolita in Singapore. Today was about 16-21 degrees Celsius and I almost died. It was so hot in the classrooms. Was trying hard not to perspire, but I did. Luckily I did not wear the long-sleeved dress.

something good will follow

Lionel’s theory was right. When something bad happens, something good will follow.

My group’s phase 1 of our final project for ADV410 scored full marks. I was so worried that we weren’t on the right track. We’re supposed to come up with a PR plan for Parkland College. 🙂

I went to my TA’s office hours for JOUR200. He said there wasn’t any major issues with my speech story and it looked good. Yay! 🙂

Oh…and my lolita shoes have arrived! So exciting… Going to collect them on Saturday since I missed the delivery this morning.

qi lolita

Someone posted this on the EGL community asking where she can buy this.

I’ve gotta say, this is the best example of Qi Lolita I’ve seen so far. Something I’ll be VERY happy to wear for Chinese New Year (minus the bun thingies). I’ll rather wear bows in my hair.

fruits parlor

I never knew Bodyline made replicas of brand lolita dresses until I happened to stumble on someone’s blog. I saw AP’s Heart Pocket JSK in Kera before and was like “oh, Bodyline has something similar,” but it never occurred to me that they were actually copying AP’s designs.

And, they have done it again. This time, it’s AP’s Fruits Parlor OP. Some girls have been raving that the replica looks ugly compared to the real deal, so I have been madly searching for a photo of the real dress to see what’s the difference.

This is Bodyline’s replica…

I found a photo of the real Fruits Parlor OP, but it’s someone’s photo so I didn’t want to steal it. Anyway, the difference is that the real deal has a little apron in the front and the bodice is not laced up with ribbon like the replica. The real headbow has AP’s heart logo on it, the replica has a crown logo. Seriously speaking, I don’t find anything wrong with the replica; it’s not hideous or anything to me. I guess “real” lolitas look down on fakes. I do agree that owning lolita brand dresses makes one feel like a true lolita, but those dresses are just to expensive for some people to own. So, they have to turn to replicas.

The replica comes in black, red, light pink, and dark pink. I certainly wouldn’t mind buying one now if I were in Japan. I only hope they do a better job on the headbow coz one of the Bodyline JSK’s headbow I own, gives me a headache when I put it on. The hairband part is not properly shaped, sits weirdly on my head, is freakin’ tight, and presses on the sides of my head until I feel pain. I have good mind to rip out the bow and stick it on a normal black hairband. I’m wearing it in the photo below. That’s Erica and we were part of J-Net’s Fashion Show which explains her in yukata and me in the lolita outfit.

Waiting for AP’s lucky pack. Innocent World has released theirs, but it’s HORRIBLY expensive and I don’t really fancy anything from there. BTSSB has just released a shoe lucky pack, but I’m not too interested. I didn’t blog about getting the Meta’s lucky pack. The lucky pack was going at 10000 yen. In it was supposed to be stuff worth 30000 yen. This was what I got.

I wasn’t too sure I liked the outfit, but after some consideration, I think I might keep it. Some commented that at least Meta’s lucky pack this year was better than before. Apparently, sometimes they give stuff that don’t match. I was only too happy about the cherry emblem headdress coz I was considering on getting it.

Meta’s winter sale is starting soon, but I might not be getting anything.