like normal

Ahhh…finally able to blog like normal, although I anticipate a few days of no entries in the days to come due to the on-going projects.

Having some problem with Haloscan. It’s pretty irritating when the important entries do not have a comments box. Boooooooooo…

Oh yea…I’ve handed in my application for OSIP. Decided to heed Mr Douglas’s advice and try out. No harm trying. There is a very slim chance I’ll get in anyway. Even if I don’t get it, at least I’ll be contented that I did try.

Sis might be slipping into her depression problem again. She woke up today feeling all wrong. Mum took leave to make sure she was alright.

Went to school an hour earlier. Needed to prepare the STMD tutorial.

There was HR Management tutorial. Mrs Tay returned our PBL Problem 1 report. Our group didn’t do too well. 68%. I looked through it and was rather horrified. That was why I said I didn’t really trust Joel. Instead of organising the stuff and retyping it, he just took whatever information we passed to him and put it in. Oh well…

Was supposed to meet Nad after her work at Tampines MRT station to pass her the LIME Celebrity Double Search at Zouk invitation. Forgot about it until I was bathing. Checked my handphone. *phew* She just messaged to say she’s on the way. In the end, I asked if she could come to my house instead. Apologies to Nad.

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