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Shucks! I think last week was the last episode for the season of CSI. Bleargh.

On a brighter note, Buffy’s BACK!

Grandparents left for home *Malaysia* today.

IN3D is tough but pretty cool in a way too. Tough coz we gotta do a short animation for project 2. Gotta model the characters all by ourselves.

Cool coz you can even model real stuff. Like today’s lab exercise was to model a can of Sunmaid raisins. Complete with the label. 🙂 The other time was a vitamin bottle. Nature’s Way Royal Jelly I think.

Since Mum and Sis were going to the hairdresser in town, decided to make a trip down too. For dinner. Went to Kino first. Bought a few magazines. Almost got my hands on Elizabeth Wurtzel’s “More, Now, Again”. The book I picked up was a little dog-earred at the bottom of the cover. Asked if they had a new copy. The one I was holding was the only copy left. Didn’t buy it in the end.

Moral of the story: Elisia likes her books nice and new. No dog-earred covers or pages, thank you very much.

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