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Was looking for the lyrics for some time already. Sis recommended this song of Shin’s that has meaningful lyrics. It’s “Hai Kuo Tian Kong”. I particularly like this line.

“冷漠的人 謝謝你們曾經看輕我 讓我不低頭 更精采的活”
(English translation: To those people who leave/ignore me, thanks for looking down on me, for it has made me not give up but continue living a better life.)

Wahahahaha…stupid game. *zip* Not so stupid game after all. Since I’m the one playing it. Wahahahaha… Bor lahz…it’s one of those brainless games on neopets. Yesssssssss…*make sure you drag the “s”* I do play neopets now and then ok. Got nothing better to do your problem huh.

Soffie, you better help me with this one. I started really watching Buffy only around the third or fourth season. So maybe it’s connected to something before that. What’s the first evil? That vampire…is he the master? Whoa…means it’s already about the middle of the season I guess. Coz something big and bad always arrives around the middle of the season.

Met up with Per and Nad. Had dinner at Milenia’s Yoshinoya. Thanks for having dinner with me. Thanks for being there. Better now…

Yesterday night I almost died when my computer started this whole 60 seconds system shutdown thingy on me. Wah liew…I meant to reformat my computer but I haven’t totally backed up all my stuff. I thought I got that virus. But it’ll be quite ridiculous coz I downloaded the update already. Well…seems fine when I restarted the computer. *phew* Nahz…I think occasionally, my computer just likes to be a little cranky and scare me.

Time for my daily dose of “Winter Sonata”. I’m almost done watching it. The most stupid thing is Mr Bae Yong Jun has to get into an accident twice just to get back his memory?! How can one’s life be so miserable? Gawd…I’d rather die in my second or third accident. Unless the big guy up there says it’s not time and won’t let me through his pearly gates.

And you know what, some people just disgust me.

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