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Wahahahaha…I finished watching “Winter Sonata” liaoz. What shall I “conquer” next? Actually I haven’t finished watching “Antique Cake Shop”. But the vcds are quite screwed up…or maybe it’s the player. I think I really regret not buying “Kizarazu Cat’s Eye” or “Pika*Nchi”. Okie dokie…need to get out of the room coz Sis is sleeping.

Can one person alone make a difference? Can one person alone bring the truth to light? If it isn’t possible, wouldn’t be walking away the only way? But what if your heart doesn’t want to?

Reading a blog, staring at the title of an Ayu song. Oh, how the title stands out at this point of time. I think I’m way past anger now. More like the disappointment is settling in. I realise I’ve changed. I would no longer do some things which would be considered as childish and rash.

If there’s one thing I learnt from my transition of being an 18 year old to a 19 year old *although it really doesn’t matter now since they are just numbers*, that would be “acceptance”. I vaguely remember a verse from the bible which said something like “help me lord, to accept the things I cannot change”.


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