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I feel the need to cut my hair. Short, but not too short. Shoulder-length? Slightly shorter than that? *shrugs*

Wednesday was cool. Celebrated Pwen’s and Sof’s birthdays. Went to Le Meridien’s Feathers & Fins. Not too pricey place with good food. Recommended by Nad since she worked there before.

Highlight was the unwrapping of presents part. Held this mini competition to see who could open their present first. Not THAT simple since…

Sof’s present was wrapped like this. Present + wrapping + scotch-tape all round, criss-crossed manner + layers of newspaper wrapping + top layer.

Pwen’s present was wrapped like this. Present + wrapping + hard-to-tear plastic + 2 layers of papier mache + layers of newspaper wrapping + top layer.

If you think scotch-tape is easy to remove, you’re wrong. This comes from experience of buying Japanese magazines from Kino. Since they put scotch-tape, criss-crossed over the plastic to prevent people from tearing out stuff from the magazine. It is very hard to tear through the scotch-tape.

Bits of newspaper wrapping were flying everywhere. I’m not kidding you. While the rest of us were laughing away. Sof jumping up and down, exclaiming that she was having a tough time opening it.

Pwen lost in the end. And then came the forfeit part. Thanks to this little bottle of vinegar on the table. The vinegar was in this spray bottle. Those cosmetic spray-type bottles that can be bought from Watsons or Guardian. Weird to be used to put vinegar in. So each of us 7ners had a go at squirting vinegar into her mouth. I’m sure she had a memorable birthday celebration. *lol*

Friday…was kinda pissed off since somebody took my umbrella. I know it’s just a freakin’ umbrella but it’s the monsoon period so it rains everyday. And it rains quite unpredictably. One minute it’s all sunny and the next it’s raining cats and dogs. And it doesn’t help that I’m working in an area that is some distance from the main office.

That day it rained in the morning so I put my umbrella just outside the office to dry. Everyone else in the office does that since there’s no space in the office. There was also some training sessions conducted on that day. So there were other people using the other rooms. And they too put their umbrellas outside.

The next moment I stepped out to go to the toilet, my umbrella was missing. I thought someone borrowed it and may have left it outside the other rooms. Turned and looked at the far corners. No sign of my umbrella. Never mind. Maybe that person who borrowed it might put it back at the end of the day.

End of the day. Still no sign of my umbrella. Blardee pissed off. I know my umbrella is silver…quite common. But it’s extra light and is a bit worn. The person who took it must be obviously blind. Can’t even recognise your own belongings?!

Mum bought me another. I told her to buy something unique since I didn’t want to risk my umbrella being mistaken for somebody else’s again. Well, she did buy something unique…too unique. A light green one…almost like lime green. -_-|||

Woohoo! Chrissy-poo finally got voted out from Singapore Idol.

Who do you think will win Singapore Idol and represent Singapore in World Idol? Or rather, who would you want to win and represent Singapore in World Idol? Yea, I know Sylvester is cute and all, has the most supporters, picks the right songs to sing, has an original style but one thing…he needs to improve on his pronunciation by leaps and bounds if he wants to win. Besides he isn’t a very versatile singer. Unlike Olinda who can almost tackle all genres with much ease. She has a strong singing voice too. Well, I would have wanted Jessea to win but since she’s voted out already *damn all those people who are tone-deaf and wasted their votes on Chrissy-poo and Jerry*. So I guess among the contestants who are not yet voted out, Olinda is the one and only good singer. I would want her to represent us in World Idol.

Daphne has a too sweet-until-I-can-die-from-the-overdose-of-sugar voice. Something I can’t really stand. Oh and she’s rich. Not that I have anything against the fact that she’s wealthy. But Sis and I were both wondering if in any case she won, would it be coz of unfair voting? Her grandfather *note: owner of Goodwood Park hotel* could have asked all his workers to vote for her. And then again, she isn’t much of a versatile singer either. Same case for Leandra and Taufik…the versatile singer part.

Taufik…his plus point would be he’s a good performer. What with all his cool moves and all. But it’s really no use to be a good performer but not too good singer right?

Woke up early yesterday. Was helping out for JAS’s openhouse. Most of us were helping out with the foodstalls. I assisted one chef with the cha-han (fried rice) and spaghetti stall. Not many customers though. I think the okonomiyaki (Japanese pizza), yaki soba (fried soba noodles) and ramen stalls had the most customers.

And one thing sucked about helping out with the stalls. You don’t get to taste the food. I was totally craving for the taste of the ramen. Not that I haven’t tasted the ramen before since I have been to the openhouse last year. But I just love ramen. Not Ajisen’s though. Coz Ajisen uses stick ramen…not fresh ramen.

We got meal coupons as volunteers. Could exchange for a bento and drink. Bento included tori karaage (fried chicken), salmon, potato salad and fruits. Was too full to eat ramen by the time I finished the bento. However, I bought yaki soba and okonomiyaki for Sis.

Sidenote…I think I really should learn how to cook so I can make my own bento for myself and future guy. Possibly my best and close friends too. I think it’s sheer bliss to make bentos for the people you love.

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