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Hey ho! This blog has been rather stagnant. Haven’t got much time. Since after work, have my dinner and then it’s tv time.

Currently into the 9pm serial on Channel 8. Yep, you guessed it. Coz there’s Toro in it. It focuses on swimming and 2 swim teams. Cool…all the swimming makes me feel like going swimming. But nahz…I don’t think I will. Though I would still like to actually learn how to tread-water *is that the right spelling?* and how to do that flip thingy when you swim laps. Haha…I can’t even swim half of a lap. Used to swim when I was young, got 2 or 3 beginners and intermediate certificates but never further. I’m still stuck at intermediate level since I can’t even tread-water. Bleargh.

Anyway, it feels good to be into watching some tv programme. Been a long time since I watched that much tv. Now it’s just this programme everyday, CSI on Tuesday and CSI:Miami on Wednesday.

Talking about CSI. It’s getting more gross with each episode. This week’s episode was good. Maybe they should make everyone watch it so people wouldn’t try taking drugs. Coz this couple took drugs. And when the girl saw the guy talking to this other cheerleader girl, she got jealous. And since she was high on drugs, she didn’t even know what she did. Which was to actually claw the cheerleader girl, rip her chest…and here comes the gross part…eat her. The guy ate her too. When she finally got arrested, she described the feeling as she felt like it was as if someone was doing it. Her body was standing there but she could see herself clawing the other girl. Like this whole out of your body experience. So now you know what drugs do to you. Gross stuff.

Not really in the mood to give a full update. Feeling quite tired. Tomorrow still have to go to school for JCG subcomm meeting.

PS: My computer is dying…there’s no sound now. Please…just let it be the computer going bonkers and not the soundcard that’s spoilt.

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