Wanted to do a long update but remember? I have short term memory so pretty much forgotten about a lot of stuff.

Anyway, Tuesday, met up with sensei for dinner. Long time since I’ve seen him or actually talked to him. So it was good. Long John’s dinner. 🙂

Everyone seems to say the same thing when they see me. “Ehz? I thought you’re working?” Coz I’m decked in casual gear. I think they got used to seeing me wear formal when I was on attachment that’s why. Yea…I’m working in Botanic Gardens so what do you think? I literally pah bung in my cubicle so what do you think? My office is like in the middle of the forest *well, not really* so what do you think? If I had to dress formal, I would have long melted away.

Singapore Idol. Leandra’s out. I would have much preferred that Daphne be voted out. It’s getting scary. Olinda doesn’t seem to get enough votes. She was in danger of being voted out. Manz…people should vote more for her *including Sis*. Seriously, if she gets voted out, I’m going to boycott Singapore Idol.

And Sis FORCED me to vote TWICE for Sylvester. NOT FAIR! She’s so going to pay that $1 for the 2 votes manz.

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