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One of the reasons why I love to read Per’s blog. Check this out. I expected an entry of such to pop up on her blog. 🙂 Well, either her blog or Pwen’s.

Checked out the specifications of the laptop. NParks is under the Friends of IBM Programme and currently there’s a sale for 2 particular models of laptops. Mum asked me if I’m interested in it.

Mum cooked fish bread for dinner! *claps hands* It’s just fish paste spread on bread and then deep-fried but it’s yummy.

Had a nice chat with an ex-colleague. When I asked him how were the rest of colleagues doing, he told me that one colleague was sent to India for 3 weeks. And she’s upset about it.

I know that this isn’t news one would jump for joy for *most wouldn’t anyway*. But think about it, if everyone refuses to go then who will? So I guess one should feel honoured that she is going on this business trip coz the company values her skills?

On the other hand, at this moment, India isn’t exactly one of the safest countries. In fact, none are. Political unrest and stuff. War on terrorism. Who knows when your country is the next target? It’s easy to talk about peace but hard to exercise it.

Who knows if some drunkard on the street is racist and decides to attack you? Especially when you’re in the land where people of your race is the minority. Scary.

Say I’m paranoid but it isn’t uncommon these days.

Anyway, I’ll wish her all the best. Have a safe journey there and back. And hopefully the 3 weeks pass by quickly.

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