snake-y issues

Happy Deepavali! And…Happy Birthday, CJ! Hope you are having a fun one despite all the mugging for your exams.

Tomorrow will be my last day of work. Free from the boring net-less computer, the chance of bumping into Mr Snake-y in the toilet and letting my eyes see some gruesome murder *aka a squashed toad*.

Not that I did bump into a snake in the toilet anyway. But I did see one outside the office, near the drain. It was black…and it was a cobra. Iqbal saw it first since he was going out. And the rest of us just kaypoh-ed. To which the cobra decided to make a quick escape via the drain pipe outlet. Smart move. Else he’ll probably end up…dead.

Second time I’ve seen a snake other than in the zoo. The first being a rather small one trying to cross the road just outside PS and ended up flapping in the wind after some car rolled over it.

But yea…sensei, I guess this would come close to “exciting wildlife” since I replied that there weren’t any monkeys in Botanic Gardens. Haha…

Mum told me that there are pythons around too. She said the last time they caught one around my office area too. But by the time she went to kaypoh, the poor snake was already chopped up into pieces, ready to be brought home to be cooked. And yes, the chinese do eat every darn thing. *A general statement. I’m definitely not included since I’m darn picky when it comes to food.* Snake soup is supposed to be full of nutrients or something.

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