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My domain is down. That kinda sucks coz I can’t update pages. And I have to stare at a very unflattering font for this blog. Bleargh.

I’m having mixed feelings about posting comments, saying what I feel in a certain friend’s blog. Because I know that my words won’t sound nice. But there is a reason why I say that stuff. And I suppose no one will understand that. They’ll probably think that I’m just trying to put that friend down. I’ll get slammed right to the other side of the world.

I feel so enclosed. I am one who speaks her mind easily thus the feeling just makes me so frustrated. Another friend mentioned that the way we think this way is because we know this friend far better than the other people there.

On to the day’s happenings. I went to help out JCG’s AGM. I thought that they had everything in order and I’ll have fun there feeling like it really is a mini matsuri event. Unfortunately not. In my mind, I pictured our Arts and Entertainment sub-comm playing Kanjani8’s “Naniwa Iroha Bushi” (a very matsuri feeling song) out loud. While the people came to play games and in the end join our group.

Well, our sub-comm table just had 2 yukatas and a matsuri coat *not sure what that one’s called*. People could put them on and get their photo taken at 50 cents. Then there was this girl who requested I demonstrated wearing the yukata first before she tried it on. Hell. Fumbling around with no help at first. Then someone came to help but it still turned out strange. ちょっとおかしい! Fumbled around for an hour. Getting frantic coz it was so hot and I had to leave.

Per finally had to come over to wait for me. She helped me a bit but by then we HAD to leave. So we left with me feeling a bit bad for not putting on the yukata properly for that girl to see. Actually if I didn’t have any other activities later on, I would have stayed through the whole AGM and perhaps worn my yukata from home.

Per and I went to Zouk for Samsung Fun Club’s 2nd Birthday Bash. Seriously speaking, it’s my first time going to a club. The atmosphere was just DOT DOT DOT. Nothing wrong with the music but the people were really just sitting there. Taufik and Singaporean newcomer, Jones Shi Kang Jun performed and the people were just sitting there. Except for a really small group of Taufik fans. Oh my…if some group or singer I liked was on stage, I would be SHOWING some form of support.

Most of the time there, Per and I were just discussing about NewS and Kanjani8. HAHAHA…

There were no freebies except for 2 cups of soft drink. -_-|||

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