roachy horror story

It’s really really late and I’m really really sleepy. But I think I really really need to blog before I go to sleep.

Spent the day out with Per and Pwen. First to collect Per’s passport and then to NAFA to pay her school fees. Finally meeting up with Pwen at Bugis. We had lunch at Mac, talked a lot…then walked around.

Couldn’t find Kansai Walker in Kino but I managed to get 2 copies of Popteen.

Headed for Per’s house. She cooked spaghetti for us. I seem to be eating the most all the time. But I can’t help it coz I feel really hungry. I can’t understand why they don’t feel hungry at all. It makes me look like I’m just being greedy. =( But it reminds me a lot of Massu.

Talking about Massu. Per was helping me translate the answers of the NewS members for this magazine quiz. Apparently, one of the questions was “If you see a cockroach, what would you do?”. Guess what Massu said? He said he would scream. DOTS… My gawd, can he be more man? Can you imagine that in the future, his kid comes to him and says “Daddy daddy, there’s a cockroach in the toilet. Catch it.” and all he can do is scream.

Guess what Per said? She said “Good what. You 2 very 配. Then can compete with each other who is louder.” -_-||| Like as if I know him personally… Ya, in my dreams.

And almost everyone knows that when they want to hear a roach horror story, they should come to me. Our family has tons of roach horror stories when the guys come to fog the chute.

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