donnamonya back to life

Our (Per and I) donnamonya has come alive! Back then in secondary school, we kept one. It was on paper. Now Per has continued by email. うれしい~~~(Per, did I use the word correctly?)

What is donnamonya? It is like a discussion about anything.

Haha…I’ve changed my MSN avatar to the screencap of that Honjani episode where Kanjani8 (minus Ryo and Uchi) have to try their hand at cooking Italian food. It’s the screencap of Ohkura and Yasu…damn funny. Ohkura burnt his finger and said the hair’s all gone!

So no more 大阪レイニーブルース Ryuhei. Haha…but I made a handphone wallpaper with that pic. I told Per that I hope when we go to Samsung Fun Club’s birthday bash, they’ll give freebies like more fun club points. So can make more wallpaper for free. Ok…not really free coz I have to pay for the GPRS to download them into my handphone. What? You think I’m going there to see Taufik? Haha, I’m going there to be a freebie monster.

This Wednesday is also JCG’s AGM. This year I think it’s more special. They intend to have some games like the yo-yo fishing.

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