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Been fixing my blog bit by bit.

Yesterday I was dying to share my thoughts on 2 issues but Sis was using the computer and Per was busy.

I was flipping through 2 days worth of Newpaper just to read about the body found at the river. Anyway, in the newspaper, there was also an article about that Singaporean girl blogger who recently got (in)famous by posting nude shots of herself on her blog.

By the time I finished reading the article, I was rolling my eyes. What she commented sounded like she really didn’t want the attention. But her actions showed otherwise. Stop contradicting yourself. If you think you enjoy basking in all the attention given to you, then just admit it. We all want a little attention sometimes, even I do. Well, let’s just say it reminded me of someone I knew.

Flipping through newspapers and magazines these days can be quite a “traumatic” thing for me. For one, they like to publish tons of chatline advertisements along with it. So much so that I wonder whether I’m actually getting my money’s worth of news and articles.

Anyway, that’s not the point. The point is that these chatline advertisements use pictures of Japanese stars. What? You think I don’t know is it? It makes me feel like they are just out to cheat people. Hell yea. Maybe they ARE out to cheat people. Some lonely bugger (as what CJ terms these people) out there sees your advertisement, thinks they can talk to such a pretty girl or handsome guy, when maybe all you can offer are average looking people. Hey, isn’t that how sex predators look for their prey? Someone pretends to be some good looking person when in actual fact he is just a pot-bellied, 40-something year old man with a receding hairline.

So far, they have been using the Morning Musume girls. Alright, these girls are around the legal age. Then I see a Berryz Koubou girl?! What the hell. She’s just about 12 years old! Ok ok…not to kick up a big fuss. But what else do I see? Akanishi Jin from Johnny’s entertainment’s KAT-TUN?! *fumes*

Per told me before that Johnny’s entertainment is very particular about how the pictures are published. Unless it is a magazine or website approved by the company itself, no other magazine or website is allowed to publish their photos. Even if say one of the Johnny’s boys act in a drama and there is an official website for that drama. They can put up every other actors’ or actresses’ photos except that Johnny’s boy’s. Hello. They have to make money ok. If not, why do they sell tons of official photos?

So…these chatline companies had better watch out. If they get caught, they could be sued…it’s really a deep shit situation we’re talking about here.

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