the converse shoes and the adidas shoes

*stares at old Converse shoes* Goodbye, my comfy shoes. For the past 2 years, you have brought comfort to my feet, walking wherever I went. You got dirty through time but you didn’t mind it.

It is hard to part with my first pair of Converse shoes. Coz it feels so comfy after having worn it for 2 years. But it is time to go coz the heel part has worn out. It is so dirty. The side design cracked. Hole appearing. *sigh*

*stares at new Adidas shoes* Hi, new shoes. You’ll stick with me for the next 2 years or more. You had better appreciate it coz I quarrelled with Sis over you today.

Nahz. Sis and I got pissed off with each other. Coz we were supposed to go out but she didn’t tell me what time she wanted to go. So I was watching vcds the whole time and suddenly she announces “Let’s go”. I haven’t worn the new shoes yet so I haven’t adjusted the laces. And she couldn’t really wait. So I had to angrily tell her to go off first.

Oh well, the shoes are fine except it needs to be worn a few times to season it such that it reaches the super comfy level.

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