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Wednesday, met up with 7ners to celebrate Nad’s birthday. Belated celebration. Had dinner at Secret Recipe in PS. Moved to Istana Park to cut the cake since Secret Recipe has some strict rules about no outside food.

Today (Thursday), accompanied Per to ICA building coz she needed to have her passport done up. After which, she came over to my place to watch yesterday’s finale of “Eye For A Guy”.

It was so obvious Denise would choose Wolfgang. I believe she’s the independant woman kind. I believe dark, mysterious and romantic guys are more of what she would go for. Whereas Howard seems to be more suited for a sweet and cute girl. Someone who enjoys the attention showered on her. No doubt he’s sweet and all but not good for an independant woman coz she would need her space sometimes and he’ll probably want to stick to her always. So much so that she might find him a bit annoying at times. Like a shadow.

Haha…I haven’t watched any of the episodes but I talk like as if I’m some expert. Only read their characters in 8 Days.

After watching that, Per wanted to watch the NewS dvd together with me. So we watched it. Haha…got to see Masuda saying “Mickey. Kawaii.” again.

Oh ya, recently, Per sent me the links to read the translated Myojo November 2004 NewS articles. It was this 1000 question thingy.

Of which, YamaP said he’s willing to wait a maximum of 2 hours for his girlfriend (if he had one). This led me to discuss with Per that I wouldn’t wait THAT long for my boyfriend (if I had one). Maximum 1 hour. Unless I can walk around somewhere and see stuff then maybe slightly longer. And he better have a good reason for being late or else he’s DEAD. But if it’s the other way round, he better not ask me for a reason. HAHAHA. Nahz, I’m not that bad lahz.

Then I went on to say that it’ll be good to have a relationship where both of us can walk together, holding hands and not say a word to each other but we both know what each other is thinking. That simple. No whispering of sweet-nothings. Nothing. But yet we are so close to each other as to know what each other thinks. Well, it’s definitely not happening now so that’s why it’s called a dream/fantasy. HAHAHA.

Per told me that Ryo said that he has a problem waking up. I said, I wouldn’t mind it if my boyfriend is like that as long as he admits that he has a problem. I wouldn’t mind giving him morning calls. But he better wake up after my morning call, if he dares go back to sleep, he’s DEAD. But if he admits he has a problem and then PROMISES he will change but doesn’t, then I’ll get mad. Coz it’s one thing to admit a problem but another to make empty promises. I rather he just admit his problem and FULLSTOP. Unless he promises to change and I do see that he tries then I may be more tolerant.

Oh. And one more thing that was discussed. When I’m angry or irritated with someone, that person had better not come and ask me something while I’m fuming, add some wisecracks or something. Because I will think you are just trying to act so damn blardee cute. Just let me fume then cool down. Actually it doesn’t take very long for me to cool down so if you’re smart, you’ll just leave me alone for awhile.

Haha…Per wanted to keep all this for our Donnamonya. I said “Wah! You want to keep this as proof for my future boyfriend is it?” So, yea…potential guys ar…you know who to go to for the extra tidbits. Haha…I say all this like really 不要脸. HAHAHA.

Haha…I rarely tell all coz can’t really trust a lot of people these days. But it feels good once in a while to let out how I feel.

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