the voice at the station

Haha…looks like I will still be blogging here for some time since I haven’t figured out WordPress fully. Haven’t even finished with the header. But you can expect someone’s face on it. Hahaha…you should know who by now.

Had a wonderful time today. Met up with Xianglin. Had a really full meal at NYDC then we walked around. I’m so sad to say that the Japanese section in the music stores are getting smaller and smaller. I couldn’t even find one Kanjani8 single anywhere. Anyway, we talked a lot about what’s happening now. Feeling nostalgic about the past. Agreed that a lot of things have changed.

Walked around Kino a bit while waiting for Per to arrive. By then Xianglin had gone home.

We flipped through the latest issue of Kansai Walker to check out on natsu matsuri and the fireworks festival. After which, I had dinner at the omu rice stall AGAIN. Can’t get enough of it. She talked about the clips she downloaded of Kanjani8.

Went to Heeren to check if any shop sold the Pony shoes she wanted. Passed by Mise S*Clusive. Started talking to the salesgirl (Hiromi). She knows so much about Johnny’s artistes. I received the information I needed regarding the Johnny’s concerts. The 3 of us just talked on and on without realising that time was really flying past. Hurhur…actually it was more of her and Per talking while I’m just agreeing or disagreeing. *sheepish look*

By the time we actually stopped talking and left, it was past 11pm! We talked for like past an hour! But it feels good to talk about this kinda stuff so freely.

Laughed on the mrt about some message that was played in the station. Hahaha…coz she said that the tone often determines how people will react. Like if someone said “Earthquake!” in a terried and hurried tone, people will definitely scream and run. But if you changed to a calm tone, people won’t be as panicky. So we were thinking, what if the voice at the station said “The last train has just left. Good night and get lost. If you don’t go home, it’s not my business.” And I added “Otherwise you can jump off the platform.” Per added “Always wanted to fly?” I added “Now’s your chance. Good luck!” I think if I heard that, I’ll be shocked for a moment and then start laughing uncontrollably.

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