customers who need a slap part 2

Sis reminded me of more examples of irritating customers. Let me add on to the list.

7) think I can read their mind. Specify what you want. Don’t just tell me “I want ice milk tea”. *sarcastic* Yes, and I can sense the vibes coming out of you that you want a regular cup or a large cup. Maybe I should just give you the largest cup to boost sales for that day.

8) keep flipping up the menu board on the counter top. Boy, you really have itchy fingers don’t you? Or maybe the pictures and words look clearer to you when you lift it up? Makes me feel like snatching the board and slapping your hands with it.

9) can’t seem to read and understand English. You “stare” so hard at the menu, point to the Unagi rice burger and tell me you want that. Can you also see the sticker with “temporarily not available” stuck across it? Or are you hallucinating that the sticker ain’t there?

Went to see the doctor about my hand wound coz it has gotten far more disgusting. Not going to post the photo in plain view again…might cause people to get nightmares. Got some cream and antibiotics coz doctor says it looks like it has gone a bit septic.

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