customers who need a slap

I finally got to watch Kanjani8’s Excite! concert. Went over to Per’s house on Sunday. Yes, you’ve heard this before but I’m going to say it again…Ohkura is so 帅!!!

I did this little quiz and omg…the results were making me high. There’s only one person that can make me high. Who is it? *strains to the hear the answer*

The burnt part of my hand is now damn disgusting. (Not going to post the photo in plain view lest everyone gets nightmares.) I know I shouldn’t have burst the bubble/blister but I have “itchy fingers”. Too late to regret now… It’s a little pain. But I am not going to make a big deal out of it. Hmmm…but the rest keep making a big deal out of it. Why? I really can’t understand. Ok, but they are saying it out of a good heart. Already 2-3 customers have asked about it. The really cute one being an ang moh.

Customer: What happened to your hand?
Me: Got burnt.
Customer: Today?
Me: No, a few days ago.
Customer: Oh my…it must be really painful.
Me: Not really. It’s ok.
Customer: Take care.
Me: *smiles*

If only I could serve such customers everyday instead of those really rude ones…
I can’t stand customers who:
1) Seem to have a really “black face”. What have I done to you? Nothing. Don’t make it seem like I owed you something.

2) Are damn impatient then start complaining. Why don’t you try working in my place or any of the other crews’ position? Then you will know what it’s like. Yes, we try to get your orders out as fast as possible but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be prepared at lightning speed. Unless you don’t mind half-cooked food. Get this straight. We only prepare the food when you order, that ensures the food is hot and fresh.

3) Can’t seem to understand English. When I ask “chilli or ketchup?”, don’t tell me “ya”. Does the “ya” mean “chilli” or “ketchup” or “both”? *sarcastic* I can’t read your mind ok. You are just testing my patience and I’ll just tick both. Hmmm…maybe I shan’t give you any.

4) Keep changing their mind. It’s very troublesome to keep changing orders coz of the system. Especially when I’ve already repeated your order, prepared your items then you open your mouth. You are just itching for a slap from me.

5) Don’t listen carefully when I repeat orders. Ah…don’t listen lahz. Then later when your order is wrong then come and complain. Just another one itching for a slap from me. No…this one needs to be stomped on. Doesn’t mean you’re on the phone, I’m going to wait patiently for you to finish your conversation. You will just have to tell the person on the line to hold on. I’m just going to repeat your order ONCE. Up to you to listen or not.

6) Hold up the whole queue just coz they can’t decide on what to eat. I suggest you stand to one side, decide on what you want then join the queue. You are only entitled to do that when there’s no queue, meaning you are the only customer. People might as well die of hunger while in the queue waiting for you to come to a decision.

If you are the kind of customer who falls into any of the above conditions, you had better reflect on yourself. Else, please please please DO NOT let me take your order. I will just feel like slapping the hell out of you.

One thought on “customers who need a slap

  1. bah. I know what you mean. then again, I don’t work at the counter. I have to approach them for their order. and they snap their fingers and you gotta attend to them, making me run about and all that. bah!

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