that final distance

[edited at 3.25am]
Yes, I’ve gone through the links and did the editing. Now the page looks less…ermz…crowded?

Re-added my mp3 list and pv/mtv list. I removed it sometime ago coz the whole copyright/downloading issue played up again. Did that for safety reasons. Well, it’s back up now. I don’t need to teach you guys on what to do if you’re interested in something in the list right?

Seriously, I think it’s stupid to try and wipe out everyone who downloads stuff. If I could watch all the Japanese stuff on tv, would I be downloading them? And by sharing stuff around, you can’t deny that you learn about new artistes. I’m the kind who downloads and still buy the originals ok.

Alright…I think my brain is shutting down. I might start blabbering already. Off to sleep now.

*does the Akira “kon-kon” thing* (I know Per does that as well coz she messaged me to tell me that she does it…that girl ar… -_-|||)

Yep yep…the layout’s done. The codes have been edited accordingly. *phew*

I guess I finally decided on something else. Hikki’s “Final Distance” holds so much emotion. Knowing why she sang it makes it all the more touching. Everything just flows together. The song just reminds me to treasure the people around me. Things happen everyday. One moment, someone dear could be here, the next moment gone forever…

I removed the radio blog and calendar. Felt there’s no use for them. I don’t think people really agree with my choice of music. I mean, how many readers actually go listen to the music I put up?

Next up…going to edit the links. Who am I kidding when I started linking every friend’s blog. Ok, being the kaypoh me, I used to look through every blog. The words are “USED TO”. So now I’m just going to link up to blogs and pages that I frequent. Don’t worry, for those who are going to disappear from my links, I haven’t forgotten about you. You will still be in my “Favorites” folder. I do visit your page occasionally, just not as much as those I’ve linked up. =)

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