sea of red

I went to the Mayday concert with Sis yesterday. It was like a sea of red in Expo. The band had mentioned that the theme for the night was red. It was the first time that a concert was held at the Max Pavilion at Expo. I was keen to find out how good the venue was. Suntec’s security is crap, people can almost do anything they want. Indoor stadium is good, try anything funny and you’ll get kicked out.

Well, as I overheard someone mention, the venue looked like some warehouse. I would imagine something like what some countries like to hold punk rock concerts in?

Anyway, I was a little amused since 2 doors away, City Harvest church had just finished their church service. Oh my…they have expanded to the East now. *shudders* It’s just me and my little observation/opinion on Christian churches. Ok, better stop now before I offend anybody.

Our seats weren’t very close to the stage. But I guess that was alright coz the concert was great. So fun…everyone so high.

I don’t know but I seem to have toned down on the whole star-chasing thing. I guess coz the initial kick you get out of doing all this has worn off after some time since these stars just keep coming back. I suppose if NewS were to come to Singapore it’ll be different. Hell yea…I bet I would be running all around.

*sigh* I guess I’m not writing a good entry here coz I can’t seem to think of what to say.

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