coming home

[edited on 10 Dec at 1.13am]
I forgot to mention that I called Per to bug her on telling me her flight home so that I may go see her at the airport. Looking at my clock which registered the time as 4+pm, I did the math…which would be around 8+am in UK and decided Per should be up since breakfast is supposed to be served around 7+am. A sleepy voice answered the phone. Oopz…I woke her up from her nice little snooze. I know she won’t be able to get back to sleep then since she mentioned before that once she’s woken up, she can’t go back to sleep.

So sorry dear…

Per is coming home soon~~~ Yay!

Pwen is home!!! Yay!

Why is episode 9 of 1 Rittoru no Namida downloading SOOOOOO slowly?! Can’t bear to wait. The previous episode was so freakin’ sad. You try to put yourself in each person’s shoes and you feel the pain of that person. Like how the real Aya said, she saw the effort put in by her classmates to give her a good farewell when she had to leave the school for medical reasons and she felt touched. But what she hoped to hear was “Aya, please don’t leave.” Everyone knew that that day would come, it was inevitable. But yet all she yearned for was a simple sentence.

And now I treasure my life so much more…

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